Unge’s War is produced by Bernard Kawaja and co-produced by Egor Efiok.


Ukah is from a lineage of warriors and warlords of the land, Berbuaguan, and because tradition demands that every first son of the lineage must be a warlord upon his father’s death, Ukah gets to become a warlord. He reigns as warlord for several years, and as he grows older, he still has no son. He leads and conquers many wars until at the last period of his age, he is blessed with a son, UNGE.

Upon Ukah’s death, Unge becomes the warlord of the land, and he fights well, leading his army to victory. He is loved by his people and respected even by his king. Unge soon falls in Love with Adani, a beautiful maid in the land, and they prepare for marriage.

Before the marriage, war strikes, with Unge’s army fighting against an army as strong as theirs; an army they have been itching to clash with.

Unge goes to war and is taken into captive. He stays in captivity for about a while and as he gets help from a slave girl in his prison land, he escapes back to his land. On getting to his land, he sees that his Adani is now married to the prince of the land, and is even pregnant. Unknown to Unge, the pregnancy that Adani is carrying is his. Does it end in disaster or will it be happy ever after? We’d see…


The language Barbia, was created by Bernard Kawaja because he thought it would be a good idea to go back in time, where English wasn’t the focus. As a result, the actors had to learn this new made-up language creation and we all had fun getting into it, as we made up new words like Berbuaguan etc.