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Lagos To London By Bus: The REAL Gulliver’s Travels By C.V. Akuta (Photos)

Yes, C.V. Akuta REALLY did embark on this trip and below is his detailed account which includes costs. For more details, contact C.V. here. I duff my heart to you, C.V. Respect!!!   Return trip: Lagos to London by Bus. Friday: 12/02/16. Departed Lagos via ABC Transport, by 9:30am. Arrived Accra (Ghana) by 1:40am. Journey time: 16 hours. Expenditures: Bus ticket to Ghana: N10 400. Breakfast: N600. Evening time meal: N200. Ghana tel line/sim card: Cedes/C 8.(equivalent to N600, as at the days rate). Subtotal: N11,800 equivalent to £42.5 Saturday: 13/2/16. STC bus departed Accra by 3:15pm. Arrived Kumasi by
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Egor Efiok To Be Honoured By NMA Aboard The Costa Fortuna Cruise Ship And Picks Yoruba Movie Actress Bimbo Thomas & Hollywood Movie Producer Tobore Sefia As Her Guests

First of all, special thanks to Palmary Cruise, Performing Musicians Employers' Association Of Nigeria (PMAN) and Nigeria Music Awards (NMA) for this honour. I am still overwhelmed and really appreciative. Thank you also to Ambassadors For Enterprise (AFE) for the recent honour they bestowed on me as Matron. We will work together to elevate AFE to greater heights. As one of the guest speakers for the colloquium, I decided on a different concept where diverse views on filmmaking can be presented; hence my decision to invite as my co-speakers, Yoruba movie actress and producer Bimbo Thomas, who also happens to
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