THE FIRST LADY London Premiere: Watch Nollywood Movies TV (UK SKY 329) Exclusive Interview With The Cast + Details Of The Afterparty Tonight @ MIST ON ROCKS Hosted By E4PR

E4PR is hosting the afterparty of THE FIRST LADY tonight, as a double celebration of the film and to celebrate our star, Joseph Benjamin, also a cast of THE FIRST LADY. Within 5 years of working together, Joe keeps soaring higher and higher and making E4PR proud. Joseph Benjamin also just covered Hollywood Weekly Magazine for the second time, the second time ever too, that the magazine has featured Nollywood stars. #ProudMoment 🙂

The venue is MIST ON ROCKS and the address is: 518 Wandsworth Road, Clapham, London SW8 3JX. See the poster above for more details.

Please watch Nollywood Movies TV‘s interview below with the writer/producer/director and actor – Omoni Oboli, Joseph Benjamin, Anthony Monjaro and Alexx Ekubo.

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